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Magic.TXD - RenderWare TXD Editor

This project is a collaboration between GTA community members to create the ultimate RenderWare TXD editor. It has been started by DK22Pac and The_GTA. Goal is to create a tool that never crashes and produces binary-perfect TXD output.

Magic.TXD aims to unify modding of all Criterion RenderWare games, especially the 3D-era GTA series. Never has modding game textures been that easy as with Magic.TXD. You can load, edit and store TXD files from multiple platforms such as PlayStation 2, PC, XBOX, GameCube, Android, iOS and PSP. You get to generate mipmaps, resize individual textures in-editor. change texture filtering as well as wrapping and individually decide the color encoding (raw, DXT, palette).

Recommended Compiler: Visual Studio 2019

For a full description of it’s features, visit the page.

Supported download locations

Here are officially supported download locations. Feel free to support us, too!

Building from Source

Since Magic.TXD is completely Open-Source you can build it yourself. Go here to find out more!


We welcome feedback in our GTAForums thread. There you can chat with us, we do not grudge against unclear points. If you are very sure about yourself you can use the OSDN ticket system to report defects as closely as possible. Thanks!

Magic.RW Framework

Magic.TXD builds on the Magic.RW RenderWare framework. It is the component that handles serialization and editing of TXD contents. Since it is a stand-alone component we welcome you to use it for your own projects.